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  • Why Inflatable Paddle Boards are better than Hard Paddleboards?

    Inflatable paddleboards provide you the accessibility to paddleboard on every or any water body that you come across. They give you the power to make to travel the waters of the world, and fuel you with the unstoppable urge to explore.
  • 10 reasons why you need an inflatable paddle board this summer

    This coming summer will bring you plenty of opportunities to experience and try new things. Paddleboarding is a skill that you can master and enjoy for the rest of your life. Therefore, make sure to try it and you will surely cherish the benefits that come with it.
  • The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Stand up Paddle Boarding

    Over the last couple of years, paddleboarding is rising in popularity, and maybe people are willing to take up this sport for either leisure or working out. Because the lockdown is starting to ease, people are looking to boost their health by taking up fun endurance challenges, and paddleboarding is the embodiment of both of these.
  • Why Paddle Boarding is a Great Exercise

    Paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise because it requires strength, endurance, concentration and a mindful connection with the tides. Hence, the perfect exercise can combine the mind, body and soul together, making people stress-free and healthy.
  • Why you should get an Inflatable Paddle Board?

    Regardless of whether you get a hard board, or an inflatable one, paddle boarding in itself can be a beneficial addition to your life, especially during the pandemic summers. If you are someone that admires the thrill of water sports and believes in the importance outdoor recreational activities, then the benefits of stand-up paddle boarding will outweigh other water sports in many aspects.
  • Health benefits of paddle boards

    The health benefits of paddle boards are astound. You should definitely take up paddle boarding in the coming summers. Read this article to know why this is a good idea
  • What Is an Inflatable Paddleboard?

    IF You are new to water sports, then you probably don’t know what is an inflatable paddleboard. Read this article to learn more about paddle boards and how to get started .