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10 reasons why you need an inflatable paddle board this summer


10 reasons to get an inflatable paddleboard

The on coming summers calls for everyone to head to the beach and indulge in other water sports. Whether it is the swimming pool, lakeside or the beach, you will find plenty of ways to have fun under the sun. However, most of the activities that you will want to try will be limited to a certain water body.

 For example, you cannot really experience the thrill of surfing without the tides of the ocean. Moreover, there is no fun of rafting without the rapid streams of the river. Which brings us to the first reason, why should consider an inflatable paddle board this summer. 

Open to All Water Bodies

Unlike other water sports, you can paddle board almost anywhere. So much so, that it also makes for a fun time on the swimming pool. In other words, paddle boards do not restrict to any location. You can paddle board in any water body, such as ponds, lakes, rivers, or ocean.  

Keeping in mind that the lockdown is bound to lift due to the introduction of the vaccine, and thus, many outdoor sites will be open for travelers and tourists to enjoy. Having a paddle board will allow you to enjoy the waters wherever you go. 

Many people have great admiration of paddle boards because of the versatility and flexibility that they provide. They make your access on the water possible regardless of the type of water body that you wish to enjoy. Moreover, they also do not limit you to climatic conditions. Depending on how good you are as a paddle boarder, you can stream across the waters on a paddle board even in rough and windy conditions. 

They are Portable

Everyone loves inflatable paddle boards because of their portability. Unlike solid boards, they are not boards that take up too much space.  Thus, you can keep them anywhere you want. Whether you want to keep them in the storage room, or just inside your bag.  This makes them an amazing investment if you live in a compact living arrangement, such as an apartment or a small flat. 

They are the best thing that you will come across in terms of portability because they are inflatable. This means that they can change their shape according to your will.  They mostly consist of air, and the air inside them is what gives them the solidity and volume.  This means that inflating them, or taking the air out of them gives you the chance to roll them in any shape you want. 

In fact, most of them come with a hand carry that you can easily hang on your back. Portability also paves the way for convenience. With a solid board, you will have to find space in your storage or have a big car that has enough truck space to fit the paddle board. On

On the other hand, an inflatable paddle board does not need a lot of trunk space. Not to mention, folding it up and keeping it any storage department allows you to use the paddle board seasonally. For example, you can just fold the paddle boars through the winters and wait for the summers to arrive. When the summer arrives, you can just take the paddle board out, this way you have preserved the paddle board and protected it from the environmental damages.  However, if you have a solid board, you have to try harder t protect it since it is not portable. 

Not being portable means that you have to make extra efforts in maintaining the dexterity and solidity of the paddle board. Even if you protect the solid paddle board by damages, scratches, dents or scrapes, it is very hard to keep it under a controlled temperature. Whereas, the inflatable paddle board can be kept under a controlled temperature without any problems since you can also cover it with a plastic and keep it away from any heat or light.

 You must keep in mind that heat and light can create damage to the paddle board. Therefore, if you plan to keep you solid board throughout the seasons, you must keep it in a climate-controlled area where it is dark as well. This will help you maintain the dexterity and condition of the bamboo wood.

They are Travel Friendly

If you someone who like to travel to distant lands in search of water bodies to tread across, then you will benefit most out of an inflatable paddle board. This is because, again, their portability allows you the access, freedom and liberty to travel with them, 

Whether you are traveling by car, or by foot, or by airplane, it is just very easy to hang a bad then to carry a heavy and large board with the paddle. Not to mention, the inflatable boards usually also come with a paddle that is portable. 

Moreover, you also have to consider the travel bans will be lifting in the coming years. If you are a water sports enthusiast, then there is no better way to explore the different water trails around the nation and the world, then to take your inflatable paddle board with you. 

This not only opens you to a whole variety of different scenic pleasures, but also makes for amazing memorable times in different parts of the nation and world. You should also keep in mind that the purchase of inflatable paddle boards would also save you tons of money. This is because wherever you go, people will charge you for any bard that you wish to rent or buy.

Therefore, once you are equipped with your own inflatable paddle board, then you will not have to worry about anyone trying to make an overpriced deal for a paddle board rental. You will just head to the shore and set your paddle wherever you want. 

Setting up your paddle board is also very easy, however, it can take up about 15 to 20 minutes of your time. All you have to do is take the board out of your bag, once you have it out of your bag, and then you have to lay it down fat. 

Now that you have your deflated board lying down on a flat surface, you have to find the pump insertion whole in the board. This hole is often located on the front of the board. Then all you have to do is pump the board with air.  There are plenty of ways you can do that, the first way to do that is to use an air pump.  

An air pump can take some effort and time from you, however, if you are someone that does not mind a 15-minute pre workout before you head into the waters, then you will have no problem setting up your paddle board. 

However, if you do not like to waste the time and efforts in setting up your paddle board by an air pump, then there are always alternatives. One of the alternatives is the mechanical pump. This allows you to lay back and let the pump fill the air by itself.  

After you the paddle board is full with air, and ready to float on the water, then, you have to move on to attaching the fin underneath the tail of the paddle board. Attaching the fin is also fairly easy if you purchase a newer model inflatable board.  

The newer boards have a mechanism underneath that allows you to slide the fin into place without having to screw them in. While the older versions have screw holes and screws that give you the option to put the fin into place. 

Now that you have the fin attached, the paddle board is ready to roll, in any place that you wish to travel. However, you have to make sure that you have the best versions of all the things that come easy to you. Most people like to test the inflatable boards for stability before they start to use it, however, this is not entirely essential.

They are Lighter In Frame

Inflatable paddle boards, in comparison to solid boards are very much lighter. This is because they differ in material and mostly consist of air.  Even though solid paddle board is made from the liter bamboo wood, they still are not comparatively lighter than the inflatable paddle boards. 

When you look at the materials that the inflatable paddle boards are made out of, you will be surprised, this is because they are just two to three layers of carbon fibrous material. This is why they do not the same weight as the bamboo solid paddle board. 

Having the lighter inflatable board is the best thing that you can do in terms of traveling light and accessibility to kids.  Inflatable boards are the best for kids for this very reason. Small children do not have the strong muscles to carry the heavy solid boards, however they can easily lift the inflatable board easily.  

Therefore, their lighter frame is not just good for convenience and carry, but also as great aspect for children that want to take up paddle boarding as a sport. Children should be encouraged to take up paddle boarding as a sport, especially in the tough pandemic times. 

Paddle boarding can bring much value to your children’s lives since it teaches them the lesson of discipline and repetitive practice in the honor of mastering a skill. Thus, the lighter and more durable inflatable paddle board makes the sport of paddle boarding more accessible, fun, enjoyable and easier for small kids. 

They are Compatible for the family

Paddle boards come in many shapes and sizes. Before you purchase a paddle board, you have to make sure that you know about how the size and weight of the paddle board serves different purposes. In terms of shape, you will find paddle boards in many two distinctive shape. One type of paddle board is more suited to sports such as surfing and long distance racing.

When you look at sports oriented paddle boards, you will notice that they have a narrower width and a pointy head. This narrower width and pointy head allows the paddle boarder to cut across the tides of the ocean and make sharp turns in the ocean.  

You then, also have broader types of paddle boards that are rounder from the front. These paddle boards often have a much larger surface area, and this shape is very common with inflatable paddle boards. They may not offer the same speed and glide as the other paddle board, however, they make for great endurance paddle boarding across a river or ocean. 

Moreover, apart from the shape of the paddle boards, you also have to be wary of the size of the paddle board.  Keep in mind that each paddle board is of a certain size that corresponds with a certain weight. This means a certain sized paddle board will only be able to carry a certain weight. 

Therefore, if you are purchasing a paddle board that can carry the weight of the whole family, then make sure that it is an inflatable paddle board. An inflatable paddle board usually comes in a bigger size and has enough weight capacity for your children, kids and even your dog.  

They help you lose weight

Inflatable paddle board is not just a tool for leisure, in fact, it is a tool that allows you to lose a ton of weight. Most people wonder whether paddle boarding is indeed a legitimate source of exercise. Well, it is, and there are practical studies that prove this.  

Paddleboards can offer you an intense caloric burn when you do it right. Stand up paddle boarding, just by the name suggests that you have to stand up to do it. Standing up alone is a workout if you stay upright and engage your core. 

The energy it takes to stand upright on a paddleboard is immense; this is because you have to hold your balance against the flow of the water and the gravity trying to lean you away from the center. This energy expenditure is immense and can help you lose weight. 

Just trying to hold position on a paddle board in the water alone is tiring enough, however, when you add the action of rowing the paddle, the caloric burn goes to another level. People that indulge high intensity exercises on the paddle board can burn up to a whopping thousand calories an hour. 

Therefore, if you want to lose the added pandemic fat and lean into the summer body that you always desired. Then consider paddle boarding as a weight loss exercise. It is a form of exercise that can burn you plenty calories while you still get to have fun in the sun. 

They are Healthy  

Apart from weight loss, the health benefits of paddle boarding are incredible. Overall, they provide you a surface that can help you float across the water and enjoy the scenic natural beauties of life. This makes for something that you cannot deny, whether you are a newbie paddle boarder, or someone that is making the transition from surfboard to paddle boards. 

When performing this activity for sometime, a person notices beneficial and positive health changes in their body. It not only has a great impact on a person’s physical health, but it can also astronomically improve your mental health.  This makes inflatable paddle boards a fairly reasonable purchase after what you have gone through due to the pandemic. 

They Relieve Stress

Inflatable paddle boards encompass everything that you need to have better mental health. The first aspect of paddle boarding which can contribute to your mental health is the aspect of nature. An inflatable paddle board gives you an excuse to be out in nature. In addition, while most people of the new generation would rather stay indoors, they do not realize the mental healing potential of being out in nature. 

When you are out on the paddle board, it is just you with your thoughts, and the vastness of the ocean.  The pleasant blue sky and the wavering shades of the afternoon sun.  This presence of the environmental elements, alongside your physical entity gives you the chance to think about you problems and face them without running away. 

Studies have also shown that humans have a deep connection with nature, and just being out in the presence of nature can provide you with instrumental mental healing.  The stress and pressures of the pandemic can put many people’s mind out of order. 

Therefore, this coming summer offers a great chance to have some mental cleansing and an inflatable paddle board is the best way you can do that. Even if you do not want to indulge the fatigue of standup paddling, you can also lie straight on your back or sit down for a quiet evening on the waters.  

They Can help you Build Muscle

Many people have the misconception that building muscle requires you to lift heavy weights and get a gym membership. This is true for most part, depending if you want big muscles. On the other hand, if you only want to build lean muscle mass that is the embodiment of functional strength, and then just a simple investment in an inflatable paddle board this summer should be enough. 

However, to attain muscle mass from paddle boarding, you may have to paddle board for slightly longer hours. After a good solid boarding experience, you will notice incredible soreness your muscle from the great workout. 

When paddle boarding properly, you have to engage your core muscles, such as back, legs, abdominal muscles and arms into the process When you do this continuously, your body responds the minor muscles tear that lead the soreness, and builds more muscle in the process. 

Along with the muscle building, you are also losing body fat at the same time, this gives your muscles more definition. 

They are Great for socializing

You can ultimately take advantage of the paddle boarding group events that take place in the summers. These events allow you to make new friends, paddle along with groups, and go on adventures. By doing so, you can invoke a sense of camaraderie and meet new people. 

To Conclude

This coming summer will bring you plenty of opportunities to experience and try new things. Paddle boarding is a skill that you can master and enjoy for the rest of your life. Therefore, make sure to try it and you will surely cherish the benefits that come with it.