Free Shipping on all paddleboard orders to lower-48 states

Free shipping on paddleboard orders to lower-48 states!

Who we are?

2 brothers from Turkey with an ambition to clean up and save our oceans while helping people to switch to a more active lifestyle.
We take pride in what we do and hope all of you find something that you love from our new line.


Have a purpose, money comes second.

Why a more active lifestyle?

In May, 2014, my brother and I were just getting started way too early in the morning at the office when my phone rang. It was a call from back home, saying our dad has passed away… Now I know that everyone values their family, however, our dad was and still is truly our role model. He was the one who said: “my only goal in life was to show you guys how small the world actually is”.

He was the reason why we have lived in and visited many countries, got stunning educations as engineers, and had our own startup while living abroad and constantly traveling around the world for our business. His contribution will never be forgotten nor will be underestimated both professionally and emotionally. I vividly remember that day, we were packing the orders for Singapore in tears just before we left our factory in order to head to the airport to attend my dad's funeral. Our hands were shaking so much so that we had to repack some of the boxes.

Our dad passed away from a heart attack, ever since then every project we've embarked on has been to help our customers to adapt to a more active lifestyle.

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Only we humans make waste that nature can't digest

- Charles Moore

It’s time to be honest!

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